Here we look at the Top 5 courses worth visiting with peak green fees ranging from $100 – $150. Many of these courses are playable for less in the off-season or during twilight times, but the focus here is prime time.

The criteria we considered for these lists are many and include: conditions, layout, routing, scenery, location and more. We also considered whether we felt spending $150 at one course proved more valuable than another all things considered. For example, was course A better than course B at $150? Or how about course A at $100 vs. course B at $150? Finally, all these lists take into consideration whether the courses are worth traveling for.

Here they are in no particular order.


Photo credit: Clive Barber

Green Fee: $125 (Mon – Sun)

Highlands Links is an institution of golf course architecture and it has only been getting better in the last few years. Conditions are the best they’ve been in modern times thanks to the recent takeover and investment by GolfNorth and tree clearing has opened up the views Highlands Links has long been famous for. Not only is this Stanley Thompson’s best work, but it is situated in one of golf’s finest locations with one of the best golf walks in the world. Stay at the Keltic Lodge next door and soak in your surroundings — it doesn’t get much better.


Photo courtesy: Tobiano

Green Fee: $129 (Fri – Sun); $109 (Mon – Thurs)

Catching your first glimpse of Tobiano, you know you’re in for something special. Designed by Canadian golf course architect Tom McBroom, and set among dramatically unique landforms along Kamloops Lake, the golf course is stunning and one of the sternest tests of golf you’ll find anywhere. In addition to being one of the best courses in this price range, Tobiano is also situated in one of the driest locations in all of B.C. We don’t know about you, but great golf and great weather? Seems like a match made in golf heaven.


Photo courtesy: Links At Crowbush Cove

Green Fee: $100 (Mon – Sun)

In the home of Anne of Green Gables and on an island famous for its giant dunes, red soil, fresh seafood and potatoes, another Tom McBroom design awaits. Crowbush Cove opened in 2000 and created quite a stir across North America. Despite being lost in a bit of the hubbub that has surrounded the golf course marketing giants of the last decade-and-a-half, Crowbush Cove is underrated. Often times, the course is judged by what it isn’t rather than what it is, and what it is is a very strong golf course in a breathtaking location. The fact that it’s only 30 minutes from where this country began to take shape in Charlottetown only adds to its appeal. Well worth a play and Charlottetown is well worth a stay.


Photo courtesy: Greywolf Golf Course

Green Fee: $139 (Fri – Sun); $119 (Mon – Thurs)

With holes named Cliffhanger, Tranquility and Cliff Side, it would only be logical to assume there are some incredible vistas at Greywolf. Designed by Canadian golf course architect Doug Carrick, it does not disappoint. The aforementioned par-3 Cliffhanger is one of the most photographed holes in the world, but that’s not all Greywolf is famous for. Set among the Purcell Mountain range, Greywolf is unique in that it contains 500 feet of elevation change. The golf course is a marvel of modern golf course architecture working its way through natural valleys and bowls all the while playing fair to all skill levels. The course is designed in grand scale and is without a doubt a grand experience.


Photo courtesy: Cobble Beach Golf Links

Green Fee: $150 (Thurs – Sun); $99 (Mon – Wed)

Cobble Beach Golf Links is a Doug Carrick design located approximately 2.5 hours north of Toronto. Though relatively close to the city, it seems worlds away. Lining the shores of Georgian Bay, Carrick created a fun, scenic and exposed layout with water views on almost every hole. Taking full advantage of a bluff that works its way down to the bay from west to east, this is one of Carrick’s most interesting designs. Best of all, there’s even an iconic lighthouse for your all-important photo op.

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