I’m THE REBEL GOLFER. I am CANADIAN. I dislike golf media coverage so I started making golf content myself. I play the golf courses that would never want me to play there, play by the rules that those who govern the rules of golf would never want me to play by and don’t care for the pro tours because I’ll never be a pro.

I WILL break from tradition.

I WILL break the rules.

I WILL let you step on my line.

I WILL purposely step on yours.

I WILL ground my club in the sand.

I WILL drop a ball next to the point where my ball went out of bounds.

I WILL use a foot wedge.

I WILL take a mulligan

I WILL finish my round in at least 3.5 hours preferably 2.5.

I WILL listen to music on the golf course.

I WILL leave the ringer on on my cell phone when I play.

I WILL talk while you’re hitting and don’t care if you do the same when I hit.

I WILL play with everyone and anyone who knows how to play fast.

I WILL allow short skirts in my group.

I WILL wear cargo shorts.

I WILL wear cargo pants.

I WILL wear jeans.

I WILL keep my shirt untucked.

I WILL play from different tees in the same round.

I WILL take a golf cart.

I WILL hit first no matter who has the honor.

I WILL not hide my earrings at private clubs.

I WILL not hide my tattoos.

I WILL drink more beers than golf balls in my bag (at least 2 dozen).

I WILL talk to every cart girl.

I WILL make fun of your bad shots.

I WILL yell obscenities at a pro golf tournament.

I WILL shank 8 balls in a row.

I WILL search for my ball in your backyard.

I WILL NOT care for golf media coverage that nobody wants to read.

I WILL NOT be scolded for wearing my hat backwards on the golf course.

I WILL NOT listen to people telling me how to have fun on the golf course.

I WILL NOT give myself a penalty if my ball moves after I address my putt.

I WILL NOT use a scorecard or take score.

I WILL NOT let a pro golfer dictate what clubs I play.

I WILL NOT be pretentious.

I WILL NOT be stuck up.

I WILL NOT wear a collar.

I WILL NOT wear slacks.

I WILL NOT keep a handicap.