Lookout Point is off the radar for most. Even those who’ve heard of it are unfamiliar with the course or know where it’s located. But Fonthill, just west of Niagara Falls, should be considered prime golf territory and Lookout Point is one of the reasons.

An underrated Walter Travis gem, Lookout plays along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. The view from the clubhouse stretches for miles and, on most days, you can see the mist over Niagara Falls in the distance. In fact, the view from the clubhouse might be one of the best in Canadian golf. The 1st tee drops more than 100 feet to the fairway (the course has an overall elevation change of more than 200 feet) and the escarpment will play havoc with every putt. The greens are small and have plenty of slope while it’s rare to find any sort of flat lies in the fairways. It’s a shorter course with small greens that utilizes the slope of the property and undulations of the land to provide challenge.

It’s too bad Lookout Point doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. But, then again, maybe that’s exactly how those who know about it want it to be. We are enamored with the place and wish there were more courses like it.


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